SUNUV 48W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

Nicetch is a professional brand of nail art equipments. We are not only good at nail dryer but also have an unique thinking to nail series tools. We are absorbed in intelligent health training too, sing "nice life" with "Nicetch life".

The brand belongs to Yongzhou Nicetch Biological Technology Co., Ltd. With rich creative ideas and cutting-edge "soul design", we can provide customers with the most professional and exquisite nail services.

Nicetch has been brewing nail industry for 4 years, and has been cultivating the intelligent health concept for 18 years. Over the past few years, in the experience of brewing, constantly improve the technical design, and exchanges with nail agencies in Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea as well as international nail salon masters from various countries have made great efforts to stand on the domestic nail market with good reputation.

Today's Nicetch is full of grateful, constantly increasing the added value of business services, actively advocating online teaching, training manicurists, and will build in the future Intelligent terminal network nail salon training, teaching, communication, provide the most intelligent healthy nail service for thousands of women.

Nicetch will lead people who are looking forward to build a beautiful career and live a beautiful life.

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