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How Long Is the Best Healthy Retention Time for Manicure?


Women's pursuit of beauty and fashion is more and more extensive, and nail art will be the most important part. Through the beautiful shaping of nails, people can see the artistic enjoyment at the fingertips, which are under the influence of our UV LED nail lamps. It also allows people to see more beautiful shapes, so whether the effect of nail art should be retained for a long time, then how long is the best retention time is also a problem that women should pay attention to.

The first way is to use the digital nail painting machine to stick the nails. Because the length and thickness of the female nails can't meet the nail requirements, the nail art can be used to make the nails. Somehow from a health point of view, if the nail is covered with a piece of nail for a long time, it will be airtight, which has a negative effect on the health of the nail. It should be unloaded in about twenty days.

The second is through the use of external gelatin and sealant. The nail gel has certain coagulability and firmness, and the adhesion to the nail is relatively high. Then, the nail oil is used for sealing. It can be kept for a longer period of time, but in terms of health, such a manicure should be kept for half a month, which is the best period of effect and health.

The last case is the ordinary painted form, which is painted on the nail by ordinary nail polish. This type of nail is the simplest, but it will be shorter in terms of retention time. This way, the nail can be breathable. However, through the damage of daily life and inadvertent collisions, etc., it will cause damage to the surface of the nail, so this way the retention time is the shortest.

In the mean time, you should pay more attention to the healthy way, choose the best way to ensure health from different nails art, ensure that the nail beauty effect will not be damaged for a certain period of time, and also have more protection for nail health. It is the best manicure way to achieve the best results.

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