SUNUV 48W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

Nicetch 90W Handcare Lamp Whitening Hand & Heating Nails for Salon or Home Use

New Hand care Lamp, brighten your hands!

LSQ60 Whitening hand & Heating Nails Lamp

Two-in-one whitening hand & heating nails lamp/ Built-in LiPo battery

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Product Details

Handcare Lamp

90W High Power, Quick Dry for Nails

Two-in-one Hand Care Tool

Whitening & heating nails Lamp

Theory for Whitening

According to NASA, different wave length of the LED can have different effect for human body, red LED can increase Collagen cell then to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin.

manicure lamp

Whitening Mode: Red LED Light Can Make the Hand Brighten and Delicate

Red LED light can effect to human pigment group, to improve cell activity and improve skin tone so that can make your hands delicate and slim.

manicure lamp

Heating Nails Mode: Blue LED Curing No Dead Zone

90W quick dry, not hot and no blacken hand, fast drying all kinds of extended gel and nail polish

manicure lamp

Intelligent Infrared Sensor

Lights on once hand in, lights off once hand out

No need to press buttons, easy to use

manicure lamp

Two Modes: Built-in Li-Po Battery; DC Adapter Charger

No need to worry power source/ No need of power socket

Easy to carry out to use/ Convenient to charge the battery

manicure lamp

60pcs LED Beads, 30 Seconds Quick Dry

Double light source LED+UV hand care lamp, quick dry for all kinds of gel, also can make your hand brighten and delicate

manicure lamp

Create New Painless Time Setting Nail Lamp

30s/60s/90s(heating nails)/ 10min(whitening)

manicure lamp

Best Material Resistance to Wear and Tear

PC+ABS material, Anti-fall, scratch and wear resistance

manicure lampmanicure lamp

Item No.: LSQ60 
Item Name: Hand care lamp
Material: PC & ABS
Power: 90W
Light Source: UV+LED
Item Size: 208*155*113mm
Wave Length: 365nm+405nm
Colors: White/pink
Time Setting: 30s/60s/90s/10min
Input: AC100-240V
Beads Qty: 60pcs(30pcs Red LED for whitening, 30pcs Blue LED for heating nails)
Products Features: 
Nail art mode:
30 high-power lamp beads are distributed around, all around
without dead Angle, 90W for 30 seconds dry, painless
and no blacken hand, apply all nail polish, extension glue.
Whitening mode:
More than 630nm wavelengths beads are known as “bioactive light”, a type of red light acts on human pigment group, improve cell activity with whitening and rejuvenating effect. Use it 10 minutes every day can improve your skin color and make your hands slim and delicate.

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