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Our CEO Xiao Jie, who is engaged in the manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, saw a large number of standard factory buildings in his hometown industrial park this year, and the development momentum is very good, so he decided to move the entire industrial chain back to Ningyuan. Renting a factory, doing renovations, and adjusting equipment, after some busy work, the company has started production.

Yongzhou Nicetch biological Co., Ltd.

The Yongjiecheng Group founded by Xiaojie has been in the Ningyuan Industrial Park in April this year. The new energy and new materials industrial park will be put into production on September 5, just 130 days. Xiao Jie proudly said that the transportation hub and development environment of his hometown already have a good industrial undertaking foundation, plus the new energy new material industrial park and photoelectric intelligent terminal industrial park built last year, two tens of billions of parks. Gather a group of battery electronics and other industrial chain companies come back.

Yongzhou Nicetch biological Co., Ltd.

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