SUNUV 48W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Curing Lamp

Nicetch is a professional manufacturer of nail equipment and tools. It mainly produces UV/LED nail lamp/professional nail dust collector/nail drill and other nail products for sale. We Provide OEM/ODM service. Our products are mainly exported to the United States, Russia, France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and other developed countries in Europe and America.

The development of the nail industry requires continuous development and research. In view of its importance, Nicetch established a nail product R&D center in 2015, specializing in OEM (ODM) department.Not only can OEM Nicetch's brand products,but also can do your design or we can design for you from your idea. Now the R&D center has a team of experienced design strength and strong technology,as well as a wide range of design cooperation platforms to provide customers with more nail polishers,nail polish machines and more.

Years of OEM, ODM service experience and existing R&D center resources have enabled Nicetch to have certain 
influence in the industry such as nail polisher. In 2016, it established its own brand “Nicetch” to help investors win. 
The third major “beautiful economy” of the nail industry market after beauty and body. Buying nail polisher, nail UV phototherapy lamp,
Nail vacuum cleaner, nail polish machine and other equipment to choose Nicetch is your successful choice.

A professional team brings exceptional quality.

Because of the profession, we understand your needs better;

Because understand you, we work harder, arrange intimately, and no worries;

Because you know, we must innovate, in order to make the product more and more human, never stop;

Because I understand you, we are more considerate of you, while caring for the operators, but also care for the hands of each pair of nails;

Because of the profession, we look to the future; to make unremitting efforts to provide customers with healthy beauty.

We rely on humanized design, reliable quality, reasonable price and reliable service to warmly welcome friends from all over the world and create a better tomorrow with us.

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