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The Difference Between the UV Lamp and Nicetch UVLED Dual Light Source Lamp


With regard to manicure, many people only know how to apply a layer of nail polish and then roast it in a nail lamp. For Nicetch, a company that specializes in the production of nail lamps, it is necessary to share some knowledge to everyone, so that everyone can understand more about nail art.

Most of the nail lamps used in the early stage of the market were UV lamps. In recent years, the emerging UV LED lamp bead nail lamps have been favored by most people for their unique advantages. People have different opinions on UV lamps and UV LED nail lamps. Who is better in the two?

Yongzhou Nicetch biological Co., Ltd.


Yongzhou Nicetch biological Co., Ltd.

First, UV LED is more comfortable

The lamp of an ordinary UV lamp generates heat when it is illuminated. Generally, the temperature is 50 degrees. If it is accidentally touched, it is easy to burn. If it is too much, it will be black. The UV LED is a cold light source, and there is no burning sensation of the uv lamp. Even if the lamp is touched by hand, it will not feel hot, and the white light is not black. In terms of comfort, our UV LED lights are even better!

Second, UV LED is securer

Ordinary UV lamps have a wavelength of 365mm and belong to UVA. They are also called aging rays. Long-term exposure to UVA can cause damage to the skin and cause damage to the eyes. This damage can be accumulated and irreversible. Many women may have discovered that the number of phototherapy times will be blacker and dry! And our UV LED lamp is visible light, like the sun and ordinary lighting, no harm to human skin and eyes, not black hands. Therefore, from a safety point of view, our UV LED phototherapy lamps have better protection against skin and eyes than UV lamps! In terms of safety, our UV LED lights are even better!

Third, UV LED is more versatile

UV lamps can dry all brands of phototherapy gel and nail polish. But UV LED can dry all the extended glue, uv phototherapy glue, led nail oil glue is versatile. So from the perspective of omnipotence, our UV LED lights are even better!

Fourth, the specific curing speed of glue

Since the UV LED lamp has a longer wavelength than the UV lamp, it takes about 30 seconds for the LED lamp to dry, and the ordinary UV lamp takes 3 minutes to dry. In the curing speed of the glue is 4-6 times faster than the UV LED lamp than the UV lamp, our UV LED lamp is even better!

In general, our UV LED lamp is a new type of lamp bead technology. Actually, it uses the LED lamp to realize the function of UV+LED, which is safe and comfortable and is your best choice.

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